Wake up boy!

I think I got a bit of a telling off last night…I have been promising to write in this journal for a long time yet I only seem to manage once or twice a month. The “Wise One Oop North” (Yes, that is now your given name), has decided to play the legacy card. I must confess it would be nice to have something to pass on. Dad, has been keeping journal entries for years and will have a small library no doubt to pass on to me. I remain quietly worried as to the subject matter he has based some of his entries on, yet also eager to know. There is the magic of it right there. I want to know.

Still, there you have it. Another promise to write more often. I have to get on again now. I have dishes to wash before Jem and I are picked up by her sister. We are off to Macro today to stock up our pantry. Then this evening we have five-a-side football. We really need the practice too cause we’ve got a tournament in a few weeks.

By for now!


One response to “Wake up boy!

  1. “There is the magic of it right there. I want to know.”

    And you *shall* know, Grasshopper……but not yet.

    Don’t worry too much about the content of some of the restricted entries. By the time you get to read the whole saga all contraversional stuff will be so far in the past that its ancient history….. at least I hope so, as i dont intend to drop off the twig for at least twenty years.

    If I do pop off suddenly then your Uncle Joe is the man to ask. He will hold the key, Grasshopper.


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