River God…OMG

I have enjoyed reading for some years now. So much so that it is now fast becoming one of my favourite past times. This post goes out to that most awesome author, Wilbur Smith and his equally awesome book, River God.

River God, looking back was the first of Wilbur Smith’s books I had ever read. It was suggested to me by my father after he had read it and he suggested, no that’s not right… enthusiastically recommended whilst dribbling to me that I should give it a go. So I did, and man am I glad I did. Its one of those books that is going to stay with me forever. By that, I mean it will have a place of honour on my bookshelf at home for as long as I live.

So what’s this book all about then? Well, I suppose if I were to sum it up in one line I would say…

It’s about a slave, in ancient Egypt  of whom we follow his exploits, trials and tribulations through love, betrayal, loyalty and despair as the land and country he loves is smashed to pieces by another invading civilisation. Its great… a real massacre.

Okay that was three lines but well, its too good for just one line damn it. Give me a break here.

It is truly epic though. It has every thing you could want from a book. It brings the land and time of ancient Egypt to life to the extent that you could almost reach out and touch it.

I can’t recommend this book enough. Honestly, go out and buy it, loan it, steal it for fucks sake… just read it.

M 🙂

One response to “River God…OMG

  1. Yep Yep Yep…. River God was absolutely brilliant, as you rightly say I enthusiasticaly recommended it to you, and felt smug when you also loved it. River God is one of Wilbur’s best books, no error.

    But… the sequels are bloody awful. The Seventh Scroll was disapointing, Warlock was crap, and words almost fail me when talking about The Quest. It’s unbelievable that the same guy wrote it, it’s pure unadultered drivel.

    My favorite Wilbur Smith books are:
    The Sunbird…….one of my top three books of all time
    Eagle In The Sky
    And the original Courtney mini-series, When The Lion Feeds, The Sound Of Thunder, and A Sparrow Falls.

    Here’s another top tip for you:
    ‘Battle Cry’ by Leon Uris. *Nods* The Dog’s Bollocks, all about a squad of marines in World War 2.


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