Unleash the Magic…

Pool tonight… and I have  score to settle.

I play roughly once a month with a friend of mine down my local boozer. He’s winning overall about 10 – 5.

Tonight I will level that playing field. I have already had two pints of ‘Skill’, and in a short while I will be leaving my abode – armed only with my ‘Doom Stick’ and a crushing aura of unbeatable-ness. Yes, another word I just made up. What? Wanna make something of it??? Eh? Eh?

Thought not.

Right then (Glug….glug… glug… ahhhhhh), to WAR!!!!!

M 🙂

2 responses to “Unleash the Magic…

  1. We ended up going to a different pub in the end. Turns out it didn’t have a pool table. Looked a might silly standing in front of a fruit machine clutching my cue. Oh well… revenge will have to wait.


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