Doing nothing with my day and feeling good about it.

Today I did absolutely fuck all. It’s not what I had planned to do but I’m not one to get all upset over what should have been. Not anymore anyway.


So what should I have been doing today? Well, since you asked, here is a list I wrote last night.


1) I should have got up and gone for a run at 7am.


2) Having got home I should have done my weights and press ups.


3) Shower.


4) Read my course material in preparation for my next assignment.


5) Weed the back garden.


6) Tinker with the motorbike project a little more.


7) Have dinner cooked and ready for when the Mrs gets home.


8) Do washing up.


Okay, so there is a fair bit one there but I could have got it all done. I was up at seven after all.


So what did I actually do if I didn’t do any of that?


I watched episodes of Game of Thrones back to back from about half seven this morning till eight at night. Some will argue I have wasted my day, and if I felt depressed because I have achieved fuck all then I might agree. I actually feel pretty good though and had a great day so I really can’t complain.


So, it probably will come as little surprise to you when I say that I have little else to report today.


Perhaps tomorrow will be more productive.



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