eBay…. you suck.

Okay… I was mad before when I wrote this post the first time. Now I am positively enraged. Seriously. I’m like a wasp in a bottle over here.

Now that’s an angry face. I’m guessing he was just outbid on eBay.

So, you’re probably guessing that I’ve just been outbid on eBay. This would be true. Chances are the same thing has happened to you. Sucks right? Fuck yeah. Some git beat me in the last second. The LAST second! Not only that, but they beat me by exactly one pound. Now, call me a cynic but I smell a rotten fishy. I’ve heard that there is software out there that will bid for you. Some kind of sniper software that will put in a higher bid in the final millisecond so that you can never lose but… come on, seriously? Surely that would be against the rules right?

I must be upset. I’ve just caught myself staring at the keyboard with a pouty bottom lip. This blows. Right, fuck it. Where’s my Gin????

Need I say more?

I hereby boycott eBay for at least a week. Maybe a day.

Fuck it. I’ll let the Gin decide.

M 😦

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