Goodbye Iphone

I thought it would never happen but it has. I have binned the Iphone and moved to Android. To be specific, I now have a Samsung Galaxy s3 and initial impressions suggest I am going to be very happy with it. Its a lot bigger than the iphone but I wanted it to be because I intend to use the new phone as a satnav on my bike as well as a phone. I’m actually writing this post on it which I have to say is going splendidly well. The immediate install of the app SwiftKey is probably helping here too but nethertheless, this is just pure writing ease. The ease of writing on this thing has had a rather unwanted side effect though in that I don’t think I actually need my Google Nexus 7 anymore. So that might be appearing on ebay very soon. Astonishing. I got the Nexus 7 so that I don’t have to lump a laptop around me all the time when I want to go and write in a cafe and also to read on but if I’m honest, reading was always more pleasurable on the kindle. Maybe it’s bye bye Nexus, hello kindle?

One response to “Goodbye Iphone

  1. Nexus is better for playing games….especially Bubble Shooter. I’ve got a couple of reading apps on it, including Kindle, but I’m not that enthused with the reading experience on it. I’ve also got the Kindle app on my HTC phone, tres useful with reading on the bog at work. But for general day to day reading you can’t beat the Kindle. I recommend Paperwhite, purely because you cant buy the Kindle Keyboard any more. I use Paperwhite next to the Chair of Power, and Keyboard in the bath. Dont bother with Kindle Fire….unless you dump the Nexus completely and go for a Fire HD. Pip Pip.


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